Poshmark Promotions for Beginners

Poshmark Promotions to sell items fast

Poshmark Promotions

Poshmark holds many promotions throughout the year so it is important to keep an eye out for them and know how to use them to your advantage. The three main Poshmark promotions are: Closet Clear Out (also referred to as CCO), Love it or List it, and Make a Deal Days.  Knowing how to use these can help drive in sales and make you some quick money. For more tips on Poshmark, check out my article on tips I learned from selling on Poshmark this past year.

Poshmark Promotions to sell items fast

Poshmark Promotions

Firstly, if you haven’t yet signed up for Poshmark, it’s quick and easy. Click here to sign up and receive a $5 credit by putting in the code THRIFTAHOLICLV.

 Closet Clear Out

Poshmark Promotion Closet Clear Out

Closet Clear Out is one of my favorite Poshmark promotions. Usually you will hear it referred to as CCO for short. During this promotion, if you drop your selling price on an item by 10%, then anyone who has liked your item will get notified and also receive a discounted shipping rate for an hour. There are two crucial things to take into account with this:

  1. Make sure the item you are lowering your price on has at least one like. If there aren’t any likes on your item, then no one will get notified and you’ll be lowering your price for nothing.
  2. Be strategic about what time you are lowering your prices. Since your buyers only have an hour window to receive the discounted shipping, think about the best time to lower it. I usually try to do it in the evening because there is a better chance of someone being on their phone rather than during the work day. Lunch time is a good choice as well, but keep in mind the time differences within the time zones.

 Make a Deal Days

This Poshmark Promotion allows you to send private offers to buyers. With the new “Offer to likers” option, you don’t have to wait for this Poshmark Promotion to go live. Simply just go in to your listing and in the bottom right hand corner, click on “price drop”. From here, click on “offer to likers” and and then you can lower the price and give a shipping discount. You must do both though. You can’t just lower the price without giving a shipping discount. The Make a Deal Days promotion is to entice you to lower your prices on a certain day and win money from Poshmark.

Love it or List it

Poshmark Promotion Love it or List it

This Poshmark Promotion is pretty simple. All you have to do is list your items. Each time you list an item, you gain an extra entry and can win some cash! This will help give you that extra motivation to list that pile of clothes you keep looking at! Think about it- listing 50 items will give you 50 entries, not to mention you’re getting more stuff listed!

Make sure to always keep an eye out for these promotions as they will enable you to make more sales at a quicker rate! Always check the top of your Poshmark newsfeed for updates as they are posted there.

Gaining more Followers on Poshmark

followers on Poshmark
followers on Poshmark
How to get more followers on Poshmark

If you’re just starting out on Poshmark, your first goal should be to gain more followers. The more followers you have,  the more eyes that are on your items. When you share an item on Poshmark, it goes into your followers’ news feed. If one of your followers is browsing their news feed, your item will show up without them having to search for it, thus the possibility of them liking it, buying it, or sharing it. Exposure is the keyword! Read the strategies below on how to find people to follow. This will ultimately help you gain new followers.

How to Find People to Follow on Poshmark

When I am looking for people to follow, the first place I go to is the “Find new people” selection on your Poshmark home page (see below).

get more followers on Poshmark
How to find new people to follow on Poshmark

Once you click on that you will be greeted by the next screen:

Get more followers on Poshmark
Finding more people to follow on Poshmark

It is a wise idea to follow all of these people that Poshmark is suggesting. These are Poshmark ambassadors, meaning they are interactive within the Poshmark community. You can keep refreshing this list by going out of the list then back in as many times as you want. You can read more about becoming a Poshmark ambassador here.

Other ways to find more followers on Poshmark

If you go back to the original screen (the first one posted above) where you found the option “Find People”, you will see above the Poshmark ambassador list is an option that says “New People”. I find that by following as many “fresh closets” as you can, I get a lot of follows back. I also get a lot of shares using this method which is always an added bonus.

The “just joined” option is a good list to follow every so often too. These are people that recently just sparked an interest in Poshmark and just signed up, so I usually notice I get more sales when I follow them. The only downside with following this list is the potential for these users to have signed up on a whim and never come back.

Followers on Poshmark
How to find more followers on Poshmark

Sharing to Parties

Sharing to Poshmark parties throughout the day can also help you gain many new followers. You can read more on how I share in my Poshmark Tips article here

Expanding your knowledge base- Brands to look for at the thrift store

Brands to look for at the thrift store

I’m always adding to my list of brands to look for at the thrift store. It helps me to expand what I sell, and add more variety as well. Often times it takes patience and research to find new brands to look for at the thrift store, but it’s totally worth it in the long run.

Last week I went thrifting with my Mom. When we go thrifting together, she usually goes to one side of the store, and I head to the other. I’m still teaching her which brands to look for at the thrift store, so that’s a battle within itself. Well last Friday, we took about and hour and went through our own side of the store and then met up to sort through what we found. This was our normal pattern.

My mom usually has an overflowing cart when we go thrifting because she literally picks up any brand she has never heard of. Most the time, 90% of that stuff goes right back to the return rack. This time, she found one dress that I have never heard of. Honestly, it didn’t look THAT amazing to me so I almost put it back. At the last moment, since I didn’t find much, I decided to check completed listings for the dress. Sure enough, my Mom ACTUALLY found something AND it was worth a pretty penny. I almost put back a dress worth $1300… crisis adverted.

Roland Mouret Nassau Dress

Lesson to be learned

So the lesson to learn here… When you go thrifting, always check brands you aren’t familiar with, or else you might be passing up on a $1300 dress like I almost did. Take your time and research what brands to look for at the thrift store. Don’t be afraid to try new brands that are outside of your normal ones. If you are unsure how to check the selling price of an item, read my post  on  how to check completed auctions.

Happy Thrifting!

Cross Posting your items on eBay and Poshmark

For the longest time, I was solely using eBay. I was happy with my profits, and comfortable with eBay’s layout. But as time went on, I knew that if I wanted to increase my profits, I had to start cross posting items across platforms.

Cross Posting on Poshmark

About two years ago, after joining the Instagram world and following some pretty epic resellers, I decided to venture out and try my luck on Poshmark. You can read about my journey here.  I actually ended up really liking Poshmark and started using it more than eBay. Here is what I do to simplify the process of cross posting:

  1. Go in to your listing on eBay and hit “revise item”. 
  2. save photos from eBay if you don’t already have them saved. This part is tricky though as Poshmark only uses square photos. You may have to resize photos. I use a free app called Instasize. All you do is upload your photo to it and resize it using the “instasize square” option on the bottom.
    resizing photos for Poshmark
  3. Copy the title from eBay and then paste it in Poshmark. Please note, title space is a lot smaller for Poshmark than eBay, so you will have to consolidate. Consider leaving extraneous words out like the color or size of the item.  You pre-fill this information out into Poshmark, so you don’t need to repeat yourself in the title.
  4. Copy and paste your eBay description into the area for your Poshmark description.
  5. Fill in the rest of the item specifics on Poshmark.

*Always remember, as soon as an item sells on a platform to remove it from all others. I have made the mistake of leaving an item up after it was sold on another platform, and the buyer was not happy. 

Cross-Posting from Poshmark to eBay

Cross-posting from Poshmark to eBay is even easier because you don’t need to resize your photos. You may want to add extra keywords to the title space on eBay since they give you a lot more room than Poshmark. eBay also allows you to add more photos than Poshmark does, so if you have more photos- add them! 

What I learned selling on Poshmark this past year

Poshmark Tips
Successful Poshmark tips

My Poshmark Journey

I have been on Poshmark for over a year now and I have learned so much since I first started out on my journey. I had always been the eBay seller, never wanting to venture out on to other selling platforms because eBay was safe and I didn’t want to have to learn all the new ins and outs of Poshmark. Eventually, as Poshmark gained notoriety, it was inevitable for me to start selling on there. I figured now would be a good time to share with you some of my tips on getting items to sell quickly- better late than never, right?

Poshmark Tips

First and foremost, if you are the type of person that has the “set it and forget it” mentality when selling online, Poshmark is not for you. Poshmark takes work, and sharing you closet DAILY is one of the most important rule in achieving sales. Here’s my daily Poshmark schedule:

8 am.

At or around 8 am., I share my entire Poshmark closet, always leaving my most-liked pieces on the top (as this is what the customer sees first). This gets a your items out there early in the morning with more chances of being seen.

10 am.

Around 10 am., I share other Poshmark seller’s items. To do this, I usually browse by brand (i.e. Free People, Lululemon, etc). I do about 100-200 shares just scrolling down the page and sharing from multiple sellers. This usually results in immediate shares of my own closet and often leading to purchases. Sometimes I also look for sellers with a high sharing rate. These closets will give you better odds of them sharing back. You can see their sharing stat when you click into a closet and look at their sharing stats on top.

Here is an example from my Poshmark closet:

12 pm.

Poshmark hosts a 12 pm. party. Depending upon which party of the day it is, I share my items to that party. As a side note, it is so important to research the different types of parties that Poshmark offers. This way, when you are out looking for merchandise, you can pick up these brands and items. Being able to participate in the Poshmark parties opens your closet to more views, more interactions with fellow Poshers, and ultimately more sales.

1-3 pm.

In between 1pm and 3pm, I continuously share random items in my Poshmark closet, always ending with putting the most sought after pieces back on top. By sharing multiple times a day, it ups your chances of your items being seen. Poshmark is very competitive and items quickly get buried, so share away- and often!

7 pm.

I’m usually silent on Poshmark until about 7pm. When I go to the gym, I usually share items when I’m in between sets or while I’m on the elliptical- it works for me! Whenever you have free time and are just browsing on your phone, sharing a few items on Poshmark can help you wonders.

10pm- The 10pm party is usually a broader- category party. It’s not brand specific, and its more up to you to decide which of your items belong in it. I share as much as I can to this party every night.


On Saturdays and Sundays, for some reason, between 9 and 10am, if I share my closet a couple times, I am guaranteed the most sales of the week. Perhaps because we are all just laying in bed with nothing better to do than scroll through Poshmark?

In conclusion

If you’re not putting time and effort into selling on Poshmark, chances are your items will be sitting in your closet for a while. Sharing your items can get the ball rolling and bring in many sales, so share, share, share!

Be sure to check out my other articles about selling on Poshmark and eBay!

5 Reasons your items aren’t selling on eBay

5 reasons why your items aren't selling on eBay

Are you finding that a lot of your eBay auctions are ending with no bids? If your items aren’t selling on eBay, check below for some common mistakes people make that can inhibit themselves from potential sales.

Your items aren’t selling on eBay because:

1.You aren’t doing enough research on your items

Researching your items prior to listing them on eBay is SO important. You can’t just list an item at any price and expect it to sell, you have to research completed, similar items to see how much they are selling for. This method will help you price your item accordingly. I posted an article on how to research completed auctions here. Remember, you want to have competitive pricing otherwise your item will be sitting around while other similar items are selling for cheaper.

2. You aren’t using the right keywords for your product

eBay tutorial on auction titles

If your items aren’t selling on eBay, it could be that no one can find them. Make sure you have some relevant keywords in your auction title that will draw in potential buyers. For example, if you’re selling a black cardigan sweater, make sure you aren’t just writing “Black cardigan sweater”. Always include the brand, size and style (when applicable) too. For my full guide on writing auction titles, check out my post found here.

3. You aren’t adding measurements to your listing

how to measure clothes

Measurements are really important for potential buyers and most likely, if you don’t add measurements, buyers will be hesitant to bid. Instead, they will probably search for a similar item that has the measurements and purchase that one. And hence, you just missed out on a sale! If you are unsure of where to take measurements of your item, check my blog post here all about measurements.

4. There are too many other similar items on eBay right now.

Always check to see how many similar items are listed on eBay of the one you want to sell. Personally, if there are too many, I will hold off, or price a bit lower than the lowest auction listed (sometimes even a penny lower helps). This semi-correlates with my first point, except that the market just might be too saturated with your item at the moment.

5. It just might not be desirable at the moment

It happens. Sometimes items just aren’t desirable at that very moment. Don’t give up. Try relisting it a couple times (I usually do 2 relists with auctions) and change up the keywords a bit. It might take time to sell, or it may not sell at all, but it’s always worth a shot at trying!

I hope these tips will help you out with your eBay endeavors. Be sure to check out my other posts about free and cheap shipping supplies, as well as other must-have supplies you need to start eBay!



5 ways to find cheap clothing inventory for eBay and Poshmark

5 ways to find cheap clothing inventory for eBay and Poshmark

Reselling clothes on eBay and Poshmark
Reselling clothes on eBay and Poshmark

So you’re looking to build you clothing inventory, but don’t want to dish out a ton of money? Thats doable! Below are 5 ways of finding cheap clothing inventory to stock up your store.

1.Thrift store sale days are a must for cheap clothing inventory

Knowing sale days at thrift stores are key in finding cheap inventory. My local Salvation Army, and other ones in my vicinity, have .49 Mondays. As a way of clearing out their store, they put their oldest tag on sale for .49. During these sales I get a lot of good clothes to resell, and even if I only sell each piece for $10, thats still a huge profit margin. Just make sure there aren’t any defects by checking them over carefully. Check out my previous post about mistakes not to make when thrifting for clothes here. Bottom line- Know your sale days!

2. Church Rummage sales

ways to find cheap clothing inventory for eBay and poshmark

Church rummage sales have always been one of my favorite places to find cheap clothing inventory, especially on bag sale days. Many people in the community donate their clothing to the local churches, so be sure to research the neighborhoods they are in as a clue to what you may find. Keep an eye on your local newspaper and community flyers for upcoming sales.

3. eBay- cheap clothing inventory and wholesale lots

Yes, you can really find cheap clothing inventory on eBay! Many people list things without researching their value first, and as a result they put low ‘buy it now’ prices on them. This is where you can step in and buy the item for less and then resell. To do this, search for a certain brand you are wanting to sell (i.e.Lululemon) and sort by lowest first. Make sure you have ‘buy it now’ checked or else you will get auctions mixed in with your search results.

You can also find wholesale clothing lots on eBay. Click here for some of the current ones listed right now.

eBay wholesale clothing lot

4. Friends and Family- possibly FREE and cheap clothing inventory

Friends and family can be a great source of obtaining cheap clothing inventory. If you have some stylish friends or family members, mention to them that you would buy clothing from them if they are looking to clean out their closet. Sometimes they’ll just give you a bag of stuff that they were going to donate anyway. Don’ be afraid to reach out!

5. Craigslist/Local Facebook resell groups

Craigslist and local Facebook groups are excellent ways of finding cheap clothing inventory. Check the clothing section of craigslist or use keywords of items you’re looking for to find results. I once found a 200 piece lot of flax for $100, talk about profit! Facebook also has many local reselling groups. Search for them on Facebook using keywords such as “(your town) buy and sell”, etc.

Also, For more tips on finding cheap supplies for you store (such as shipping supplies, scales, backdrops, etc.) check out my blog post here. It talks about where to find these items, with links to all of the products.

Thanks again for reading! Enjoy your day!


4 mistakes to avoid when thrifting for clothes

4 MISTAKES to avoid when thrifting for clothes

thrifting advice Don't make these 4 mistakes when shopping at the thrift store

When it comes to shopping for clothing at the thrift store, it is important to really look over the items before purchasing them. Many times they my have small flaws which you don’t notice or think to look for until after you have purchased them and brought them home. Below are 4 pieces of thrifting advice for those who are buying clothing and how to avoid making them.

Thrifting advice #1 -Staple holes left by price tags

I can’t tell you how many times I have made this mistake when thrifting in a rush! If you shop at Salvation army, usually they staple their price tags directly to the clothing. The problem with this method is that it leaves behind unsightly holes hidden behind the price tag. Important thrifting advice- Always make sure to *gently* look behind the tags of items prior to purchasing them to make sure there are no holes. It is also important to remove the staples gently when taking the tags off, otherwise you will risk making holes. Getting a staple remover will help, but do so very carefully.

BCP Pack of 5pcs Random Color Staple Remover <——-Order some cheap staple removers here! Thank me later!

thrifting advice look for staple holes

Thrifting advice #2-Frayed/hemmed jeans

Finding brand name jeans at the thrift store is one of my favorite items to find. They sell easily and fast, but with high end jeans there is always a catch. Usually designers make them with a long inseam initially so that the buyer will be able to hem them to their desired length after purchasing them. Because of this, lots of jeans that are found in the thrift stores are hemmed. Don’t make the mistake of dishing out money on a pair of designer jeans only to go home and see an awful hem job. Check out the hems, inside as well and make sure they look ok. It is ok to purchase a pair of jeans with a good, professional hem job, but always disclose that they have been hemmed in your listing.

thrifting advice - always look at jeans hems

thrifting advice - always look at jeans hems

thrifting advice - always look at jeans hems

Thrifting advice #3-Buying items for a high price because they have a price tag still attached

So many of my friends that start out on eBay automatically think if a piece of clothing has a price tag attached it has to be worth buying. Usually thrift stores inflate items that still have prices attached making buyers believe it is an important item and worth more than it really it. My best suggestion is to check eBay by downloading the app to your phone and see how much the item actually is selling for. You can see my tutorial on how to check completed listings here.

Thrifting advice - new with tags doesn't mean always buy it

Thrifting advice #4-Being brand happy and not checking over items

thrifting advice and mistakes

We all love the thrill of finding something on the hot list, but sometimes the brand can blind us and we don’t notice flaws. We just get so excited to find the brand, we toss it in the basket and never glance it over. This is a huge mistake that I used to make when I first started selling. I would get home and THEN check over my items and low and behold they were unsellable. Nothing like wasting money! So please, check your items over really well before leaving the store with them. Most thrift store do not offer returns, and its a hassle with the ones that do. Save yourself the time and money! Be thorough!


Are you a new seller? Check out my blog post about the 8 must-have supplies with links! Cheap products and a great starter kit to get you on your way! 8 Must-Have Supplies for opening an online reselling business
8 must-have supplies before opening a seller account on eBay


7 Tips to instantly Boost eBay sales

7 tips to instantly boost eBay sales7 Tips to instantly Boost eBay sales

Selling on eBay can be a very lucrative and profitable endeavor, but if you miss some crucial steps in the process  you can be losing money that you would have otherwise made. I have been selling on eBay for 16 years and am still learning new tips and tricks to maximize my profit. Below are 7 crucial tips to boost eBay sales instantly.

1. Use clear photos.

Your photos are the first thing that captures a potential buyer’s interest so it is important to show your item in its best form. When photographing items, you will want to take numerous photos that show different angles of your item. Make sure to also get a photo of the tag, as well as any defects. Also make sure you are taking photos against a background that doesn’t detract from your item. You can find some pretty inexpensive (under $25) professional backgrounds on eBay here. I also published another article that talks more about backgrounds and other supplies you need to get started here if you wanted to read it. Clear photos will definitely boost eBay sales.

2. Research what other similar items are selling for

Always make sure you research on eBay prior to listing an item what similar items are selling for. This well help you establish a reasonable price to list your item at. If you price your item way higher than the similar items are selling for, chances are it is not going to sell, or it will take a long time. When searching completed listings, if you notice that most items are going for $12.99, list yours at $12.98. This way, if the buyer sorts listings from lowest to highest, your item will come up first as the cheapest. And yes, a penny DOES matter! If you are unsure how to check completed listings, read my article here. It will help you in a step by step process.

7 tips to instantly boost eBay sales

3. Maximize your title space

The title of your ebay listing should, at minimum, have the follow information: Brand, type, color, size. If you can think of other descriptive words that describes your item, you can place them in the title as well, but only use terms related to your item. Don’t use words like WOW or LOOK…No one searches for those. Check my article here on writing descriptions for more information. Having a proper, well constructed title will no doubt boost eBay sales as your item will be more searchable.

4. List your item in the correct category

For proper exposure make sure you are listing your items in the correct category. If it’s a sweater, put it in the sweater category, etc. Also make sure you fill out the ‘item details’ section where you can put the style, color, pattern, material, etc. This will help buyers find exactly what they are looking for quicker.

5. Don’t inflate shipping costs

Prior to listing your item, make sure you calculate the correct shipping costs so you’re not overcharging. High shipping costs will turn away potential customers. To weigh your items. you can purchase a cheap shipping scale on ebay for $16.99 here. For a complete guide on FREE and cheap shipping supplies, check out my article here. Remember, anything under 16 ounces can ship first class which is WAY cheaper than priority. Just pick up some cheap polymailers on eBay or amazon- They have plain ones and cute printed ones as well. You can browse them here.

6. Have a short handling time

Most buyers want their items fast, who doesn’t? Make sure you have a short handling time on shipping your items out. If you have a few days handling, chances are your potential buyer is going to look for another auction that has a shorter handling time. The shorter the handling time, the better.

7. Offer returns

Plain and simple. If your buyer feels like they have the option to return the item to you, they will be more inclined to purchase from you. This is ultimately up to you as the seller. If you want to open yourself up to returns, then be prepared for a few, but it will definitely make your buyer feel more confident buying from you.

How I made $240 the first week selling on Poshmark

How I made $240 in my first week on Poshmark

How I made $240 selling on Poshmark in the first week

How I made $240 in my first week on Poshmark

After hearing all the hype around Poshmark, I decided to give it a try and I wasn’t let down. In the first week alone I made $240! The key to my successful sales were: awesome photos, a reasonable price, following lots of people, and sharing my items along with others.

It’s important to follow people on Poshmark. The more people you follow, the better your item does. This especially helps when sharing your item to your followers. If you don’t have a lot of followers, then sharing your item won’t be beneficial. Bottom line- follow as many people as you can, and most likely, you’ll get follow backs!

Make sure you share your items daily to your followers as well as to parties. It brings your items back to the top and allows your followers to see your item if they weren’t around last time you shared. It’s also important to share other seller’s items too. Usually, the love is reciprocated and they will share your items to all of THEIR followers, thus gaining more views. Also be sure to join Posh parties and share relevant listings to them. This will also gain more views.

One of the biggest factors in getting your product sold, aside from the number of views, is the way you display your item. Pictures are SO important since it’s what the buyers base their purchase on. Do not post blurry, wrinkled photos. Instead, present your items nice and clean and easy to see. This means removing lint with a roller or getting a fabric shaver to remove pilling. Read below for tips to taking the best pictures that WILL get your items sold fast!

Get $5 off your Poshmark Purchase

Selling on Poshmark

Selling on Poshmark is very similar to selling on eBay, but is geared toward trendy, hip clothing and a younger crowd. I love selling on eBay, but lately I have been trying out new venues as well and I am LOVING Poshmark.

Poshmark is an app that you can download right on to your phone. It’s easy to sign up, only takes a minute, and there are no initial fees like eBay has. In fact, you don’t have to worry about fees at all, because Poshmark takes their share out prior to disbursing your funds. Your funds are released once your item is delivered, and from there you can deposit them directly into your bank account, use the credit for items on Poshmark, or request a check. It’s all really simple.

Photo Supplies you should have for selling on Poshmark

Poshmark flat lay

Flat lays are the trend right now on Poshmark. Flat lays are basically laying your items flat on a background for photographing purposes. It makes selling on Poshmark easier, and its more pleasing to the eye. My items that I use flay lay for sell twice as fast others. You can read my article about flat lays here. Background are really cheap and affordable, check out all of these backdrops on eBay! You can also check out this kit on amazon that includes the background, scaffolding, and umbrella lighting. The backdrops are also good to use if you have a mannequin. It really helps pop out your product.

Poshmark Brick Backdrop

If you get a backdrop to use behind your mannequin, I suggest purchasing the stand too because it definitely helps! I have one and LOVE it. You can find them here.

backdrop stand for poshmark

As I said before, I do also use mannequins based upon the item I am trying to sell. They are fairly cheap, so it wouldn’t hurt to have one as well, especially for dresses and coats. You can do an actual mannequin bust like this beautiful one or simply get a hollow form like this one.

Dress Form for PoshmarkDress Form for Poshmark

Shipping Supplies for Poshmark

I highly suggest getting a label printer for all your Poshmark labels. This one is a popular one among most Poshmark sellers and will make your life much easier!


Selling on Poshmark is a little different than eBay because cool packaging is really stressed along with a thank you note. Now, these aren’t totally necessary, but they can ensure your buyers are going to give you better ratings! Check out all of these awesome printed polymailers.

Printed Poly mailers for selling on Poshmark









And of course no package could be Poshmark complete without a cute thank you card! Here are some neat Thank You post cards if you’re interested!

Selling on Poshmark Thank you cards

For more tips and information, be sure to check out some of my articles such as mistakes to avoid when thrifting for clothes and how to measure clothing correctly.