8 MUST HAVE supplies before opening an eBay seller account

8 must-have supplies before opening a seller account on eBay8 MUST HAVE supplies you need before starting an eBay seller account

So you’re thinking about taking the plunge and starting an eBay seller account? Or maybe you have already started, but don’t have all the necessary tools? This guide will provide you with my 7 must have supplies for reselling on eBay with links to each item. Remember, this is YOUR business. You want to look professional with your products and packing supplies. You also want items that will help speed up the process and make it as easy as possible.

The 8 essential supplies you need before starting an eBay seller account

8 must-have supplies before opening a seller account on eBay

  • Camera

It’s so important to take clear pictures since it is the buyer’s only way of seeing the product before purchasing it. You can get a fancy camera if you want, but honestly, I stopped using my DSLR and have been using the iPhone 7 camera (which is amazing, btw). Just make sure your item is properly lit. Hence my next item, lighting.

  • Lighting

Dark pictures are no good for reselling items online. As mentioned previous, since it’s the only way your buyer is able to see the item before purchasing it, you want to make sure your item is portrayed in the best possible way. Here is a great kit selling on amazon, you can click on picture to purchase!


  • Measuring Tape

Be sure to take measurements of all clothing items. Get a measuring tape made for measuring clothing. You can find one on eBay for $1.75 with free shipping here. The more measurements, the better. This will enable buyers to be sure the item fits them before purchasing them. It will also help avoid answering a lot of questions about sizing if you put the measurements right in the listing. You can find my guide on measurements here.

tape measure for eBay seller account

  • Mannequin/Form or Hanger.

When I take photos of clothing hanging, I use a form. It helps display your clothing as it would on a person. This allows your buyer to see how items would look. This is the one I have

Hanging form for eBay seller account
Hanging form for eBay seller account

You can buy it here

  • A Nice background

Make sure you are taking a photo in front of a plain background such as a neutral colored wall or sheet. I actually just bought a faux wood looking one and I love it. It make my photos look so professional! Check out one of my items:

Background for eBay

I highly suggest buying one because they just make your items look so much more presentable! You can find one here.

fake wooden photography background for eBay seller account

  • Shipping Supplies.

Most shipping supplies are free through the USPS website, but if you’re looking for some good polymailers that you can ship first class items in (items weighing less than 16 ounces through the eBay print method) check these out. The cost less than $10 and thats for 100! There are also cute colored ones that add a little spice to your packaging (I have the purple ones!) You can find the purple ones for around $10 (for 100)  here. I made a separate post on this topic here

  • A Shipping Scale

These are very inexpensive and you’ll be thankful you have one. It makes it super easy to print out labels right from home by knowing the weight. This is the scale I have:

Shipping scale for eBay seller account

You can buy it on eBay by clicking here

  • Steamer or Iron

I can’t stress how important it is to present your item well. How you present your clothing will dictate your earnings. Steaming or ironing an item before photographing it makes it look that much new and desirable. Personally, I think steamers are a much easier to use than irons, and works much faster too. Here is one for under $20 on eBay

Cheap Clothing steamer for eBay seller account