eBay Feedback is super important to establish your business

When people buy on eBay, their only way of trusting a seller is to check their feedback. eBay feedback is important in order to gain trust from buyers. Here are some tips about feedback and how to build your reputation:

1. Establishing yourself on eBay is important.

If you just created a new eBay account, you won’t have any feedback yet. Buyers usually look at your feedback prior to purchasing an item to see how reliable you are. Make a few small purchases to gain feedback, and begin with selling small items that you don’t expect a big profit from.

2. Start by selling your own items.

You don’t have to run to the thrift store to begin selling on eBay. Start by selling your own items first. Go through your closet and pick out 10 or so items that are in good condition and begin with those. This will also help you gain feedback prior to investing money in reselling.

3. Make sure you give feedback.

If you’re hoping to received feedback from buyers, it is imperative that you give feedback as well. Sometimes this prompts them to leave feedback as well.

4. If you get a negative feedback, it could impact your sales. Do what you can to resolve an issue prior to your buyer leaving feedback. If they feel that the transaction was handled well, they might not leave bad feedback, but of course, there will be those you just can’t please.

Below is the eBay Feedback chart:

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