Shipping supplies needed for eBay

Start eBay with the right shipping supplies

Free shipping supplies for selling items on eBay and online.

So you’ve decided to start selling on eBay. The first thing you will need is shipping supplies, many of which are FREE. Yes you heard that correctly! If you go the the US Postal website, you can actually order them online and have them sent to your home free of charge. If you haven’t registered with their site before, you will need to via this link:

When you are done registering, you can go to and then click ‘Postal Store’. You will see a ton of free shipping supplies under the free tab. Here is what I recommend you get when you first start:

  1. Priority Mail Tyvek Envelopes: Water resistant and flexible. I use these for items over 1 pound that don’t fit in padded flat rate priority mail envelopes, as the padded ones are usually cheaper to ship.

Shipping supplies for ebay-priority mail envelopes

2. Priority Padded Flat Rate Envelopes: These are padded, water resistant envelopes. I use them for item over 1 pound that will fit. It’s a flat rate, so if it fits, it ships!

Shipping supplies for ebay

3. Self adhesive sticky labels– You just print out the postage labels and peel them off! SO easy! Click on the link for a huge selection!

4. First Class poly mailers:

Printed Poly mailers for selling on Poshmark

A rule of thumb: If items weigh 16 ounces or less, they can be shipped first class through ebay. This is much cheaper than shipping priority mail. I use first class shipping whenever it is offered. You will have to buy your own poly mailers, but they have a ton on eBay for cheap. Check out their selection!

You’ll need a shipping scale too

Shipping scale for home business

Right about now you are probably wondering if your bathroom scale would suffice. The answer is no. But on the bright side, you can buy a super cheap one like I did on eBay and it works wonders. Check out this one: Shipping scale for ebay

Shipping scales save time at the Post office and are convenient for estimating shipping beforehand. You don’t even have to leave your house, they come to YOU! There is a link on their website (again, make sure you are registered) where you can schedule a pickup:!input.action


Good luck selling on eBay and don’t forget to check out all my other guides on selling!

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