Top 5 Jeans for reselling online


Selling designer jeans on eBay can be very profitable and a quick turnover. Reselling designer¬†jeans requires knowing about the brands and what to look for. Jeans usually sell very well for me, but not every brand does as well as others. Sure, there are what we call “bread and butter” jeans which are those that sell for an average price, but the following 5 brands are what sells for a big profit.

Below I have listed 5 brands that always do very well for me:

  1. 7 For All Mankind. I always pick these jeans up unless they are an older style. In that case, sometimes they never sell. Know the difference in the tags to save yourself from buying an older, un desired pair:This is an older tag. I usually never have any luck with these unless they are super special and in mint condition. Otherwise, they will sit in my inventory for months.

Above is a newer tag, usually white. These are the ones you want to keep an eye out for. They sell quickly for me.

2. Adriano Goldschmied- AG Jeans, I usually find that sizes 24 and 25 don’t sell for me, but the bigger sizes tend to do amazing! One of my favorite pairs to wear! They have good sales too, check them out here

3. Joe’s Jeans. These are a cult favorite, always a good seller for me.

4. J Brand

I seriously think J Brand jeans are the most awesome jeans, like ever. I can see why people splurge on buying a pair- they fit like a glove. The colored ones sell well too.

5. Hudson Jeans

I love finding Hudson jeans because I know they resell well, especially the ones with the triangle flap pocket. One piece of advice when finding these are to check the hems because they usually run REALLY long, so many people get them hemmed. Don’t forget to disclose the tailoring if indeed your pair has been hemmed.

Thrifting Jeans for yourself

Buying Designer Jeans

If you haven’t started reselling yet, and are just looking to buy jeans for yourself,¬†definitely check the thrift stores or consignment stores. As you can see, tons of jeans are waiting to be found, and I find them often! Why pay $200 for a pair of jeans when you can $5? Just be sure to double check their condition and pay attention to the hems for wear or tailoring, the crotch area for holes and wear, and ALWAYS try the zipper to make sure it works!

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