Finding Vintage Polo Ralph Lauren at the Thrift Stores

Vintage Polo Ralph Lauren Guide
Vintage Polo, by Ralph Lauren, is highly coveted right now and is reselling on eBay for top dollar. Most people who don’t know it’s worth would pass by it in the store. Not all Polo sells for high profit, so it’s always good to do some research. I find that the best items are the blue label that says “Polo, by Ralph Lauren.”  Items will usually sell well if it has big Logos, Indian print, flags, or bears.

  1. Polo Bear Sweaters- These are always a good seller. They have the signature bear on the front. Random fact- Polo actually made teddy bears too, so always check the stuffed animals out!Vintage Polo Ralph Lauren Bear Sweater
  2. Polo Windbreakers- especially snow beach ones. These go for a high amount! Vintage Polo Ralph Lauren Color Block Jacket
  3. Polo Southwestern/Indian Print Items- These also come in skirts, jackets, etc. Whenever you’re looking through the racks and see one of these prints, always check to see if it is Polo!
  4. Polo Stadium pieces- Highly sought after, rarely found. Grab them when you see them!
  5. Polo ‘Suicide Skier’ items. These items will have the ski emblem on them like the one below. I recently found a coat with one ski patch on it and it sold for about $230. Pick these items up!
  6. Polo ‘P Wing’ items. These are items with the emblem below. Make sure you put ‘P wing’ in your listing title if they have one!

Check out some of the history and labels of Ralph Lauren Here.

One of the biggest pieces of advice I can give you in reselling is as follows:

Don’t just shop for items you like! As you can see, Vintage Polo clothing is in high demand!

Remember, you’re buying items to resell for a vast number of people, all of who have very different tastes!

My sucide skier jacket that sold:

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