Reselling Tommy Hilfiger on eBay for a big Profit

Reselling 90s Tommy Hilfiger on eBaySo you’re thinking about reselling Tommy Hilfiger items

Reselling Tommy Hilfiger items is very profitable right now. Flashback to the 90s- Remember when everyone was wearing Tommy Hilfiger with the big gaudy flag logos? Well, guess what’s coming back in style? Tommy Hilfiger recently held a fashion show in L.A. titled “Tommyland” and all of his pieces were reminiscent of his 90s fashion- big flags, patches on clothing and extremely bright colors. Check out Fashionista’s gallery here: Tommyland Fashion show

Everyone has been buying into the hype, going through old clothes in their attic and listing their gear on eBay. The more colorful, and the bigger the logo, the better it will sell. Look how much some of these items are going for:

Reselling Tommy Hilfiger on eBay

Tommy Hilfiger items that don’t resell for as much

Not every single Tommy Hilfiger item you find will sell for the above amounts. Certain items such as basic button ups and polo shirts don’t go for nearly as much unless they are unique  I often see tons of Tommy Hilfiger items every time I go to the thrift store, but not all are worth the investment. Take, for instance, some of these completed auctions:

They key to selling Tommy Hilfiger is to look for the most flashy, ugly, big logo items out there. Those are the big sellers. Use the eBay app if you’re at the store shopping and check for completed before you decide to buy if you are unsure of an item. You can find my guide on how to do that here

As always, happy hunting!