What sells on eBay – Moto Jackets

Another item to add to your “What sells on eBay” list

If you’re looking for another item to add to your “what sells on eBay” list, check the jacket section at your local thrift store for moto (aka Motorcycle) jackets, specifically vintage ones. Short, cropped, and with asymmetrical zippers, some with studs, others with belts, pick them up! Moto Jackets are selling!  Most people can’t afford the ones that designers are selling right now, so they are opting for cheaper methods of obtaining them. Here are a couple of the styles to look for incase you are unsure of what I am talking about:

and this:

Check out the completeds on eBay too:

Moto Jackets- 

I actually just found one this past week to resell, so I’m hoping it goes well! I’ll update once it sells. This is the one I found. It’s a vintage Wilson’s Leather one:

Updated! Sold for $70!

Just make sure when purchasing jackets, especially leather ones, you check the lining for tears, and under the arms on the outside for wear. Those are the two areas that usually will have damage, if any.

Happy Hunting!

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