How to search completed listings on eBay

eBay tutorial search completedAlways research your items before listing them on eBay

This eBay tutorial will show you how to research your item’s value. It is important to research your item and see what it has been selling for. This is especially important if you are deciding to use the ‘buy it now’ feature. If you price your item to low on eBay, you can lose out on money that you otherwise would have made.  You can search completed items by using the search bar at the top of your eBay page:

eBay tutorial search completed

Make sure you try to be as specific as you can when researching your item. See below for keyword help.

Once you have put your search terms into the search box, scroll down and look for the box to click on the left hand side that says “completed items”:

eBay tutorial search completed

If you want the link to the general completed search page on eBay, you can find it by clicking here 

Once you click the ‘completed listing’ box, the search results will change. From there you can sort them by highest to lowest or most recent, check the screen below:

eBay tutorial search completed

If I already have purchased the item and am getting ready to list it, I usually sort by most recent. This way I can see how much my item has been selling for recently to get a better since of what to list it for. On the other hand, if I am at a thrift store and looking at the completed listings, I usually sort by most expensive first to see if it would be worth purchasing for resell.

eBay Tutorial- Searching completed items on a mobile device

If you are searching for an item from your mobile device, make sure you have the eBay app installed first.

Once you have the app installed, click on ‘search’ on the bottom of your and type your keywords into the search bar and hit the blue search button. Once you do this, then click on filter in the upper right hand corner:eBay tutorial search completed

When you click on filter, a long menu will appear. Scroll down until you find “completed items” and then turn that box on. Last, click “done” in the top right corner. You can also filter items by category, price, etc.

eBay tutorial search completed

eBay tutorial- Use keywords when researching your item

When searching in completed listings, make sure that you try and use as many keywords as possible. This will help narrow down your search results. For example, check the photo below:

Acne Studios Sweatshirt

If I was trying to look this item up in the completed listings, I would use the brand, color, item and pattern to narrow down the results- “Acne Studios Blue Dot sweatshirt” and see what I come up with. This will narrow your search to the items that are relevant to your item. If you are only searching by brand, this will not help you in reselling your item.

It is so important to search completed listings on eBay prior to buying an item as it can help you save money on a possible ‘dud’.I hope this quick eBay tutorial has helped you out! Always research!

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