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A guide to reselling St. John clothing

One of the most coveted brands we as sellers look for when thrifting is no doubt St. John. The St. John clothing is high-quality and retails for a hefty price. If we are lucky enough to find it in the thrift stores, we know we just scored big time.

One of the main things I look for when thrifting (especially when I don’t have a lot of time) is the knit. When I look through the pants but don’t have time to stop at each pair, I look for the St. John signature wide knit waist band. Same goes with the knit skirts. Please note, not all items are knit, but for the most part, what you find will be.St. John Clothing

The St. John Santana Knit

The Santana knit is St. John’s signature fabric that is rayon and wool woven together. Maria, who works for St. John says “the knit is blocked which means it’s steamed at incredibly high temperatures to either shrink the fabric to a smaller size, or stretched to a larger size”. Pretty cool, huh?

For the fabrics that are not Santana knit (like the photo above), they are referred to as novelty knit. This knit is a lighter weight than the Santana.

St. John and Paillettes

If you have been researching St. John, you will see that some of the items are described as having “paillettes”. These are tiny little shiny adornments placed on St. John clothing. If you find an item with these on it, make sure you put that in the auction title because it is searched for! See the pictures below for examples:

St. John paillettes

St. John couture label

St. John Logo buttons

Logo buttons are another key feature that St. John lovers look for. If your item has logo buttons, be sure to note that. Sometimes there won’t be logo buttons, but when there are they usually look like this:

St. John Logo Button

St. John Logo Button

St. John Clothing Labels

St. John has many different clothing labels, and they all will tell you something different about the item.

St. John Collection items are classic, timeless pieces, work-ready, and sophisticated. They are usually two piece suits or dresses.

St. John Collection label

St. John Evening items are usually the pieces you will see adorned with paillettes or crystals. They are the “going out” pieces or holiday wear.

St. John basics are pieces that are either black, white or navy and never go out of season. They can be styled with other items of different lines. Funny fact- this line NEVER goes on sale because they are always “in season”. This is probably why buyers look on eBay for this label. 

St. John Basics Label

St. John Couture label is very dressy, luxurious with crystals, and often lined with silk. They are very expensive.

St. John Couture

St. John Sport is a more laid back, less expensive line. It aims at the younger crowd.

st. john sport

And finally, this tag below is the vintage label circa 1970s. There are other vintage labels, not many are seen anymore, but you can check the full list here.

St. john vintage label


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