The Real Real- A guide to consigning luxury items online

The Real Real- Consigning luxury brand items

Consign your clothing on The Real Real

90% off luxury consignment

eBay can be a great place to sell used clothing and accessories, but when it comes to high-end items, you might want to try The Real Real. I’m sure you’ve heard stories about buyers purchasing an item and claiming it was a fake. Or other stories where someone is trying to do the bait and switch move. These are the main reasons why I tend to pass on selling these brands on eBay. It’s just too stressful to sell certain brands and nothing is guaranteed. I’m not bashing eBay in any way, in fact eBay is my main source of income, but for selling higher end items such as designer shoes and purses, you might want to try The Real Real.

The Deal on the Real Real

The Real Real is an online site that sells consigned designer items that are guaranteed authentic. They will send you a label so you can send in your items to consign. You can even request a FREE kit here– a box will be mailed to you for your items and a label too!  If you have 10 or more items, you might qualify for their white glove service where they send an associate to your house to pick them up. They deal with all the aspects of listing them- authenticating, taking pictures, transactions, shipping, etc. In return, you get a percentage of the sale based upon the price range you are in. You can check out the different tiers here. Though their cut is a little higher than eBay, you aren’t left with the trouble of doing everything on your own. Also, items on The Real Real tend to sell much faster than those on eBay. This means a quicker turnover for you!
You can also make an online inventory packing list here: Online packing list
The Real Real Inventory list

Brands that The Real Real accepts

Since The Real Real is a higher end consigning site, it has it’s own list of designers they accept. Some of the brands have certain requirements, so make sure you check the ones that are flagged with a red i in a circle next to it. For instance, they accept J Brand jeans, but they have to be new with tags. You can access the brands they accept by clicking here on their designer directory.

The Real Real Designer Directory

Consign your clothing online for $1,000 in less than a monthYour cut of The Real Real

The Real Real bases your cut of the profits on your commission period. This is a 1 year period after your first sale, so how much you sell dictates what percentage you receive. Look below for specifics:

The Real Real consignment profit

So there it is. If you are hesitant with listing a designer item and it’s an item that The Real Real accepts, try the service out!

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