Designing flat lays for your eBay or Poshmark auction

Designing Flat Lays for online auctions

how to perfect the flat lay to sell your item

We all know that photos are what draws potential buyers to view your products, so it’s really important how you are presenting them. For the longest time I have been using my mannequin form and hanging form stand to display my clothing. This method is particularly useful when photographing dresses and coats. But lately, I have also added Flat lays to my regimen.Designing flat lays are easy and fun. If you haven’t heard of them, flat lays are just that- clothing laid flat on a backdrop, shown with accessories to spice up the photo, some props, and visual aesthetic choices. Designing flat lays are easy too. Follow the steps I give to optimize your auction!

designing flat lay

One key feature of a flat lay is a clean background. It makes your photos more professional looking and really helps your product to pop out. I have a fake wood-looking background that you can find here. If you prefer a plain white background, I would suggest this one. The white one is on sale for a limited time for less than $10!
Designing Flat lays for eBay and Poshmark

Adding accessories and props to your Flat Lay

To tie the picture together and give your flat lay that extra bump it needs, add some accessories and props. Many people like to add artificial plants or flowers to their photos (like the one above). They are really inexpensive, just like this one on eBay. When I do flat lays, I usually like to show an outfit. For example, if I’m selling jeans, I would add a top into the picture, along with shoes, a piece of jewelry, and a prop. Just be sure to write in your auction that all other items are not available for sale in that auction. You can however let your buyers know that the shirt is for sale (if you have listed in a separate auction) by noting it in your auction. This little trick sometimes gets your buyer to purchased both pieces instead of just one!

Make sure your items are nicely lit when taking the photo. The key is to make your items as visually appealing as possible. Check out where to buy lighting as well as more tips in my article here about other supplies needed.

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