How I made $240 the first week selling on Poshmark

How I made $240 selling on Poshmark in the first week

How I made $240 in my first week on Poshmark

After hearing all the hype around Poshmark, I decided to give it a try and I wasn’t let down. In the first week alone I made $240! The key to my successful sales were: awesome photos, a reasonable price, following lots of people, and sharing my items along with others.

It’s important to follow people on Poshmark. The more people you follow, the better your item does. This especially helps when sharing your item to your followers. If you don’t have a lot of followers, then sharing your item won’t be beneficial. Bottom line- follow as many people as you can, and most likely, you’ll get follow backs!

Make sure you share your items daily to your followers as well as to parties. It brings your items back to the top and allows your followers to see your item if they weren’t around last time you shared. It’s also important to share other seller’s items too. Usually, the love is reciprocated and they will share your items to all of THEIR followers, thus gaining more views. Also be sure to join Posh parties and share relevant listings to them. This will also gain more views.

One of the biggest factors in getting your product sold, aside from the number of views, is the way you display your item. Pictures are SO important since it’s what the buyers base their purchase on. Do not post blurry, wrinkled photos. Instead, present your items nice and clean and easy to see. This means removing lint with a roller or getting a fabric shaver to remove pilling. Read below for tips to taking the best pictures that WILL get your items sold fast!

Get $5 off your Poshmark Purchase

Selling on Poshmark

Selling on Poshmark is very similar to selling on eBay, but is geared toward trendy, hip clothing and a younger crowd. I love selling on eBay, but lately I have been trying out new venues as well and I am LOVING Poshmark.

Poshmark is an app that you can download right on to your phone. It’s easy to sign up, only takes a minute, and there are no initial fees like eBay has. In fact, you don’t have to worry about fees at all, because Poshmark takes their share out prior to disbursing your funds. Your funds are released once your item is delivered, and from there you can deposit them directly into your bank account, use the credit for items on Poshmark, or request a check. It’s all really simple.

Photo Supplies you should have for selling on Poshmark

Poshmark flat lay

Flat lays are the trend right now on Poshmark. Flat lays are basically laying your items flat on a background for photographing purposes. It makes selling on Poshmark easier, and its more pleasing to the eye. My items that I use flay lay for sell twice as fast others. You can read my article about flat lays here. Background are really cheap and affordable, check out all of these backdrops on eBay! You can also check out this kit on amazon that includes the background, scaffolding, and umbrella lighting. The backdrops are also good to use if you have a mannequin. It really helps pop out your product.

Poshmark Brick Backdrop

If you get a backdrop to use behind your mannequin, I suggest purchasing the stand too because it definitely helps! I have one and LOVE it. You can find them here.

backdrop stand for poshmark

As I said before, I do also use mannequins based upon the item I am trying to sell. They are fairly cheap, so it wouldn’t hurt to have one as well, especially for dresses and coats. You can do an actual mannequin bust like this beautiful one or simply get a hollow form like this one.

Dress Form for PoshmarkDress Form for Poshmark

Shipping Supplies for Poshmark

I highly suggest getting a label printer for all your Poshmark labels. This one is a popular one among most Poshmark sellers and will make your life much easier!


Selling on Poshmark is a little different than eBay because cool packaging is really stressed along with a thank you note. Now, these aren’t totally necessary, but they can ensure your buyers are going to give you better ratings! Check out all of these awesome printed polymailers.

Printed Poly mailers for selling on Poshmark









And of course no package could be Poshmark complete without a cute thank you card! Here are some neat Thank You post cards if you’re interested!

Selling on Poshmark Thank you cards

For more tips and information, be sure to check out some of my articles such as mistakes to avoid when thrifting for clothes and how to measure clothing correctly.

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