7 Tips to instantly Boost eBay sales

7 tips to instantly boost eBay sales7 Tips to instantly Boost eBay sales

Selling on eBay can be a very lucrative and profitable endeavor, but if you miss some crucial steps in the process  you can be losing money that you would have otherwise made. I have been selling on eBay for 16 years and am still learning new tips and tricks to maximize my profit. Below are 7 crucial tips to boost eBay sales instantly.

1. Use clear photos.

Your photos are the first thing that captures a potential buyer’s interest so it is important to show your item in its best form. When photographing items, you will want to take numerous photos that show different angles of your item. Make sure to also get a photo of the tag, as well as any defects. Also make sure you are taking photos against a background that doesn’t detract from your item. You can find some pretty inexpensive (under $25) professional backgrounds on eBay here. I also published another article that talks more about backgrounds and other supplies you need to get started here if you wanted to read it. Clear photos will definitely boost eBay sales.

2. Research what other similar items are selling for

Always make sure you research on eBay prior to listing an item what similar items are selling for. This well help you establish a reasonable price to list your item at. If you price your item way higher than the similar items are selling for, chances are it is not going to sell, or it will take a long time. When searching completed listings, if you notice that most items are going for $12.99, list yours at $12.98. This way, if the buyer sorts listings from lowest to highest, your item will come up first as the cheapest. And yes, a penny DOES matter! If you are unsure how to check completed listings, read my article here. It will help you in a step by step process.

7 tips to instantly boost eBay sales

3. Maximize your title space

The title of your ebay listing should, at minimum, have the follow information: Brand, type, color, size. If you can think of other descriptive words that describes your item, you can place them in the title as well, but only use terms related to your item. Don’t use words like WOW or LOOK…No one searches for those. Check my article here on writing descriptions for more information. Having a proper, well constructed title will no doubt boost eBay sales as your item will be more searchable.

4. List your item in the correct category

For proper exposure make sure you are listing your items in the correct category. If it’s a sweater, put it in the sweater category, etc. Also make sure you fill out the ‘item details’ section where you can put the style, color, pattern, material, etc. This will help buyers find exactly what they are looking for quicker.

5. Don’t inflate shipping costs

Prior to listing your item, make sure you calculate the correct shipping costs so you’re not overcharging. High shipping costs will turn away potential customers. To weigh your items. you can purchase a cheap shipping scale on ebay for $16.99 here. For a complete guide on FREE and cheap shipping supplies, check out my article here. Remember, anything under 16 ounces can ship first class which is WAY cheaper than priority. Just pick up some cheap polymailers on eBay or amazon- They have plain ones and cute printed ones as well. You can browse them here.

6. Have a short handling time

Most buyers want their items fast, who doesn’t? Make sure you have a short handling time on shipping your items out. If you have a few days handling, chances are your potential buyer is going to look for another auction that has a shorter handling time. The shorter the handling time, the better.

7. Offer returns

Plain and simple. If your buyer feels like they have the option to return the item to you, they will be more inclined to purchase from you. This is ultimately up to you as the seller. If you want to open yourself up to returns, then be prepared for a few, but it will definitely make your buyer feel more confident buying from you.

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