4 mistakes to avoid when thrifting for clothes

4 MISTAKES to avoid when thrifting for clothes

thrifting advice Don't make these 4 mistakes when shopping at the thrift store

When it comes to shopping for clothing at the thrift store, it is important to really look over the items before purchasing them. Many times they my have small flaws which you don’t notice or think to look for until after you have purchased them and brought them home. Below are 4 pieces of thrifting advice for those who are buying clothing and how to avoid making them.

Thrifting advice #1 -Staple holes left by price tags

I can’t tell you how many times I have made this mistake when thrifting in a rush! If you shop at Salvation army, usually they staple their price tags directly to the clothing. The problem with this method is that it leaves behind unsightly holes hidden behind the price tag. Important thrifting advice- Always make sure to *gently* look behind the tags of items prior to purchasing them to make sure there are no holes. It is also important to remove the staples gently when taking the tags off, otherwise you will risk making holes. Getting a staple remover will help, but do so very carefully.

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thrifting advice look for staple holes

Thrifting advice #2-Frayed/hemmed jeans

Finding brand name jeans at the thrift store is one of my favorite items to find. They sell easily and fast, but with high end jeans there is always a catch. Usually designers make them with a long inseam initially so that the buyer will be able to hem them to their desired length after purchasing them. Because of this, lots of jeans that are found in the thrift stores are hemmed. Don’t make the mistake of dishing out money on a pair of designer jeans only to go home and see an awful hem job. Check out the hems, inside as well and make sure they look ok. It is ok to purchase a pair of jeans with a good, professional hem job, but always disclose that they have been hemmed in your listing.

thrifting advice - always look at jeans hems

thrifting advice - always look at jeans hems

thrifting advice - always look at jeans hems

Thrifting advice #3-Buying items for a high price because they have a price tag still attached

So many of my friends that start out on eBay automatically think if a piece of clothing has a price tag attached it has to be worth buying. Usually thrift stores inflate items that still have prices attached making buyers believe it is an important item and worth more than it really it. My best suggestion is to check eBay by downloading the app to your phone and see how much the item actually is selling for. You can see my tutorial on how to check completed listings here.

Thrifting advice - new with tags doesn't mean always buy it

Thrifting advice #4-Being brand happy and not checking over items

thrifting advice and mistakes

We all love the thrill of finding something on the hot list, but sometimes the brand can blind us and we don’t notice flaws. We just get so excited to find the brand, we toss it in the basket and never glance it over. This is a huge mistake that I used to make when I first started selling. I would get home and THEN check over my items and low and behold they were unsellable. Nothing like wasting money! So please, check your items over really well before leaving the store with them. Most thrift store do not offer returns, and its a hassle with the ones that do. Save yourself the time and money! Be thorough!


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