5 Reasons your items aren’t selling on eBay

5 reasons why your items aren't selling on eBay

Are you finding that a lot of your eBay auctions are ending with no bids? If your items aren’t selling on eBay, check below for some common mistakes people make that can inhibit themselves from potential sales.

Your items aren’t selling on eBay because:

1.You aren’t doing enough research on your items

Researching your items prior to listing them on eBay is SO important. You can’t just list an item at any price and expect it to sell, you have to research completed, similar items to see how much they are selling for. This method will help you price your item accordingly. I posted an article on how to research completed auctions here. Remember, you want to have competitive pricing otherwise your item will be sitting around while other similar items are selling for cheaper.

2. You aren’t using the right keywords for your product

eBay tutorial on auction titles

If your items aren’t selling on eBay, it could be that no one can find them. Make sure you have some relevant keywords in your auction title that will draw in potential buyers. For example, if you’re selling a black cardigan sweater, make sure you aren’t just writing “Black cardigan sweater”. Always include the brand, size and style (when applicable) too. For my full guide on writing auction titles, check out my post found here.

3. You aren’t adding measurements to your listing

how to measure clothes

Measurements are really important for potential buyers and most likely, if you don’t add measurements, buyers will be hesitant to bid. Instead, they will probably search for a similar item that has the measurements and purchase that one. And hence, you just missed out on a sale! If you are unsure of where to take measurements of your item, check my blog post here all about measurements.

4. There are too many other similar items on eBay right now.

Always check to see how many similar items are listed on eBay of the one you want to sell. Personally, if there are too many, I will hold off, or price a bit lower than the lowest auction listed (sometimes even a penny lower helps). This semi-correlates with my first point, except that the market just might be too saturated with your item at the moment.

5. It just might not be desirable at the moment

It happens. Sometimes items just aren’t desirable at that very moment. Don’t give up. Try relisting it a couple times (I usually do 2 relists with auctions) and change up the keywords a bit. It might take time to sell, or it may not sell at all, but it’s always worth a shot at trying!

I hope these tips will help you out with your eBay endeavors. Be sure to check out my other posts about free and cheap shipping supplies, as well as other must-have supplies you need to start eBay!