What I learned selling on Poshmark this past year

My Poshmark Journey

I have been on Poshmark for over a year now and I have learned so much since I first started out on my journey. I had always been the eBay seller, never wanting to venture out on to other selling platforms because eBay was safe and I didn’t want to have to learn all the new ins and outs of Poshmark. Eventually, as Poshmark gained notoriety, it was inevitable for me to start selling on there. I figured now would be a good time to share with you some of my tips on getting items to sell quickly- better late than never, right?

Poshmark Tips

First and foremost, if you are the type of person that has the “set it and forget it” mentality when selling online, Poshmark is not for you. Poshmark takes work, and sharing you closet DAILY is one of the most important rule in achieving sales. Here’s my daily Poshmark schedule:

8 am.

At or around 8 am., I share my entire Poshmark closet, always leaving my most-liked pieces on the top (as this is what the customer sees first). This gets a your items out there early in the morning with more chances of being seen.

10 am.

Around 10 am., I share other Poshmark seller’s items. To do this, I usually browse by brand (i.e. Free People, Lululemon, etc). I do about 100-200 shares just scrolling down the page and sharing from multiple sellers. This usually results in immediate shares of my own closet and often leading to purchases. Sometimes I also look for sellers with a high sharing rate. These closets will give you better odds of them sharing back. You can see their sharing stat when you click into a closet and look at their sharing stats on top.

Here is an example from my Poshmark closet:

12 pm.

Poshmark hosts a 12 pm. party. Depending upon which party of the day it is, I share my items to that party. As a side note, it is so important to research the different types of parties that Poshmark offers. This way, when you are out looking for merchandise, you can pick up these brands and items. Being able to participate in the Poshmark parties opens your closet to more views, more interactions with fellow Poshers, and ultimately more sales.

1-3 pm.

In between 1pm and 3pm, I continuously share random items in my Poshmark closet, always ending with putting the most sought after pieces back on top. By sharing multiple times a day, it ups your chances of your items being seen. Poshmark is very competitive and items quickly get buried, so share away- and often!

7 pm.

I’m usually silent on Poshmark until about 7pm. When I go to the gym, I usually share items when I’m in between sets or while I’m on the elliptical- it works for me! Whenever you have free time and are just browsing on your phone, sharing a few items on Poshmark can help you wonders.

10pm- The 10pm party is usually a broader- category party. It’s not brand specific, and its more up to you to decide which of your items belong in it. I share as much as I can to this party every night.


On Saturdays and Sundays, for some reason, between 9 and 10am, if I share my closet a couple times, I am guaranteed the most sales of the week. Perhaps because we are all just laying in bed with nothing better to do than scroll through Poshmark?

In conclusion

If you’re not putting time and effort into selling on Poshmark, chances are your items will be sitting in your closet for a while. Sharing your items can get the ball rolling and bring in many sales, so share, share, share!

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