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Designing flat lays for your eBay or Poshmark auction

Designing Flat Lays for online auctions We all know that photos are what draws potential buyers to view your products, so it’s really important how you are presenting them. For the longest time I have been using my mannequin form and hanging form stand to display my clothing. This method is particularly useful when photographing dresses and coats. But lately, I have also…

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What sells on eBay – Moto Jackets

Another item to add to your “What sells on eBay” list If you’re looking for another item to add to your “what sells on eBay” list, check the jacket section at your local thrift store for moto (aka Motorcycle) jackets, specifically vintage ones. Short, cropped, and with asymmetrical zippers, some with studs, others with belts, pick them up! Moto Jackets are…

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8 MUST HAVE supplies before opening an eBay seller account

8 MUST HAVE supplies you need before starting an eBay seller account So you’re thinking about taking the plunge and starting an eBay seller account? Or maybe you have already started, but don’t have all the necessary tools? This guide will provide you with my 7 must have supplies for reselling on eBay with links to each item. Remember, this is YOUR business. You want to look…

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