eBay and Thrifting- My Story


Thrift stores in my childhood years

My introduction to thrift stores and thrifting started when I was in elementary school, far before eBay and thrifting were a thing. My mom used to go to the Salvation Army, and since I couldn’t be left alone, I was ultimately dragged along. To be honest, I hated it. I hated the smell, the monotony of going through racks of boring adult clothes, and just the feel of being in a thrift store.

I distinctly remember one occasion where I was walking into a thrift store with my mom and one of the girls in my class saw me. The next day she was making fun of me for even entering a thrift store and telling everyone she saw me go inside. If I hated thrift stores before, I REALLY hated them after this.

Thrift Stores in my teen years

Fast forward to my teens. I met my now husband and ended up getting pregnant during my junior year of high school. My plate was full- I had school and now a son to take care of, I couldn’t possibly find time to have a job as well. That’s when I turned to eBay. I started by selling my own items and baby clothes my son had grown out of, and much my surprise, I was actually making money. I didn’t want to stop, and that’s when I knew I needed more inventory and thrifting came back into my life. Fast forward another 16 years and here I am- still doing eBay, still loving fashion, and still making an incredible profit.

Addicted to thrifting and eBay

I am addicted to the hunt! I love finding¬†designer deals for myself or to resell for profit. It’s absolutely amazing what you can find in second-hand stores, and the discount is incredible. So many people that I talk with about what I do are surprised with how much I make and what I find. Because of this, I will be divulging in all of my secrets that I have¬†accumulated over the years in hopes to help you succeed with your reselling business! Stay tuned!