eBay and Thrifting- My Story

Thrifting since a young age

My introduction to thrift stores and thrifting started in elementary school, far before eBay and thrifting were a thing. My mom would go to the Salvation Army because she loved to find treasures, and since I couldn’t be left alone, I was ultimately dragged along. To be honest, I hated it. I despised the smell, the monotony of going through racks of boring clothes, and really just hated being in there at all.

I distinctly remember one occasion when I was about ten years old.  I was walking into a thrift store with my mom and one of the girls from my school saw me. The next day she was making fun of me, saying that thrift stores are gross. If I hated thrift stores before, I REALLY hated them after this.

Thrift Stores in my teen years

Fast forward  a few years to my teens. I was in high school and was looking for a part time job. That’s when I turned to eBay. I started out by selling my own items, and much to my surprise, I started making decent money. I was quickly addicted, and that’s when I knew I needed to acquire more inventory.  Fast forward 18 years and here I am- still doing eBay, still loving fashion, and branching out to other online selling venues such as Poshmark and Mercari.