Designing flat lays for your eBay or Poshmark auction

Designing Flat Lays for online auctions

how to perfect the flat lay to sell your item

We all know that photos are what draws potential buyers to view your products, so it’s really important how you are presenting them. For the longest time I have been using my mannequin form and hanging form stand to display my clothing. This method is particularly useful when photographing dresses and coats. But lately, I have also added Flat lays to my regimen.Designing flat lays are easy and fun. If you haven’t heard of them, flat lays are just that- clothing laid flat on a backdrop, shown with accessories to spice up the photo, some props, and visual aesthetic choices. Designing flat lays are easy too. Follow the steps I give to optimize your auction!

designing flat lay

One key feature of a flat lay is a clean background. It makes your photos more professional looking and really helps your product to pop out. I have a fake wood-looking background that you can find here. If you prefer a plain white background, I would suggest this one. The white one is on sale for a limited time for less than $10!
Designing Flat lays for eBay and Poshmark

Adding accessories and props to your Flat Lay

To tie the picture together and give your flat lay that extra bump it needs, add some accessories and props. Many people like to add artificial plants or flowers to their photos (like the one above). They are really inexpensive, just like this one on eBay. When I do flat lays, I usually like to show an outfit. For example, if I’m selling jeans, I would add a top into the picture, along with shoes, a piece of jewelry, and a prop. Just be sure to write in your auction that all other items are not available for sale in that auction. You can however let your buyers know that the shirt is for sale (if you have listed in a separate auction) by noting it in your auction. This little trick sometimes gets your buyer to purchased both pieces instead of just one!

Make sure your items are nicely lit when taking the photo. The key is to make your items as visually appealing as possible. Check out where to buy lighting as well as more tips in my article here about other supplies needed.

4 Clothing brands you shouldn’t pass up while thrifting

4 Clothing Brands you might be overlooking at the thrift store

reselling clothing online
Everyone who starts selling out on eBay has their own list of clothing brands to look for while thrifting. A lot of them being well-known mall brands such as Abercrombie, Victoria’s Secret Pink, Lululemon, etc. What you don’t realize is that you just might be passing up on brands that, though lesser known, sell for much higher.  It’s always important to research and study as much as you can about brands to look for while thrifting. This way you will have many more items to be on the look out for, and don’t leave empty handed from the thrift store. Plus, the more you know about thrifting, the more you sell. And as you know, the more you sell, the more money you make!

Below I have compiled a list for you of a few lesser known brands to be on the look out for while thrifting. They are currently selling for a good amount of money. I have also added links to completed auctions on eBay so you can check them out for yourself.

Thrifting Lesser Known Clothing Brands that sell for Big Profit

  1. Uru. This brand is hand-dyed with all natural fibers. It falls under the category of  “artsy” clothing.


thrifting brands to look for

Check out some of the most recent completed auctions:

thrifting brands to look for

2. Citron Santa Monica– These clothes are “wearable works of art”. They are unique, and the more detailed an item is, the more it sells for.

thrifting brands to look for

And as you can see, it sells for a pretty decent amount:

thrifting brands to look for


3. Bryn Walker– This brand focuses on comfort. Its usually oversized, and almost always linen. If you’re in a rush at the thrift store, focus on looking for linen, then check the tag.

thrifting brands to look for


And check out those completed auctions:

thrifting brands to look for

4. BlueFish-Another artsy clothing brand. talented studio artists in New Jersey and Iowa hand print designs onto the clothes that they have carved from lino-blocks.
thrifting brands to look for

Bluefish always sells, and usually for quite a bit of money. I always love finding this clothing brand to sell. Check some of the completed auctions:

thrifting brands to look for

So there you have it. 4 good brands to look for when thrifting. You should never pass up these clothing brands if the price is right because you’re always guaranteed a sale!

Check back often because I will be divulging in more brands to keep an eye out for!


Reselling Vintage Backpacks and Totes- 3 brands to look for

Reselling Vintage Backpacks and Totes- 3 brands to look for

reselling on eBay for profit vintage backpacks

reselling on eBay for profit vintage backpacks

reselling on eBay for profit vintage backpacks

reselling on eBay for profit vintage backpacks











If you’re anything like myself, you probably skip sifting through the backpacks and totes when you are out thrifting. That was me…until I found out about these 3 gems. Now, I always take a couple minutes to wander over to the backpack section and browse through. You should keep an out for these three brands in particular. We all are familiar with the brand, Jansport, but did you know that some of the vintage ones are highly sought after? Vintage LL Bean totes, especially with the script label (seen above) sell for a lot on eBay too. I actually never heard of Gregory backpacks until I stumbled upon a high selling one (and now I’ll never forget them!).

Check out some of the completed auctions on eBay. Here is a Jansport style backpack highly sought after :

reselling on eBay for profit


And here is a high selling Gregory backpack. Look at that end amount! You can also see some up close photos of other styles to look for here 

reselling on eBay for profit

LL Bean has always been known for their totes, but did you know how popular the vintage ones are? Check this listing and the end price out:

reselling on eBay for profit

So the next time you head our thrifting, be sure to check out the backpacks and totes because those vintage ones are out there hiding!

Happy Thrifting!

How to search completed listings on eBay

eBay tutorial search completedAlways research your items before listing them on eBay

This eBay tutorial will show you how to research your item’s value. It is important to research your item and see what it has been selling for. This is especially important if you are deciding to use the ‘buy it now’ feature. If you price your item to low on eBay, you can lose out on money that you otherwise would have made.  You can search completed items by using the search bar at the top of your eBay page:

eBay tutorial search completed

Make sure you try to be as specific as you can when researching your item. See below for keyword help.

Once you have put your search terms into the search box, scroll down and look for the box to click on the left hand side that says “completed items”:

eBay tutorial search completed

If you want the link to the general completed search page on eBay, you can find it by clicking here 

Once you click the ‘completed listing’ box, the search results will change. From there you can sort them by highest to lowest or most recent, check the screen below:

eBay tutorial search completed

If I already have purchased the item and am getting ready to list it, I usually sort by most recent. This way I can see how much my item has been selling for recently to get a better since of what to list it for. On the other hand, if I am at a thrift store and looking at the completed listings, I usually sort by most expensive first to see if it would be worth purchasing for resell.

eBay Tutorial- Searching completed items on a mobile device

If you are searching for an item from your mobile device, make sure you have the eBay app installed first.

Once you have the app installed, click on ‘search’ on the bottom of your and type your keywords into the search bar and hit the blue search button. Once you do this, then click on filter in the upper right hand corner:eBay tutorial search completed

When you click on filter, a long menu will appear. Scroll down until you find “completed items” and then turn that box on. Last, click “done” in the top right corner. You can also filter items by category, price, etc.

eBay tutorial search completed

eBay tutorial- Use keywords when researching your item

When searching in completed listings, make sure that you try and use as many keywords as possible. This will help narrow down your search results. For example, check the photo below:

Acne Studios Sweatshirt

If I was trying to look this item up in the completed listings, I would use the brand, color, item and pattern to narrow down the results- “Acne Studios Blue Dot sweatshirt” and see what I come up with. This will narrow your search to the items that are relevant to your item. If you are only searching by brand, this will not help you in reselling your item.

It is so important to search completed listings on eBay prior to buying an item as it can help you save money on a possible ‘dud’.I hope this quick eBay tutorial has helped you out! Always research!

Anthropologie Brands List and reselling clothing

Reselling Anthropologie Brands

Researching and reselling Anthropologie Brands

Anthropologie Brands and Reselling guide

History of Anthropologie

If you haven’t heard of Anthropologie, now is the perfect time to learn. Selling their clothing on eBay and Poshmark can be very profitbale. Anthropologie is a highly coveted brand that has a high resell rate.  Free People, Anthropologie, and Urban Outfitters are all part of the same company, URBN. Each brand has their own store and style.  Urban Outfitters is cheaper and geared more towards a younger crowd, whereas Anthropologie is a little higher-end.

Quality of Anthropologie

Personally, I think Anthropologie’s quality far surpasses both Urban Outfitters and Free People. From my own experience, my Anthropologie pieces have withstood more washes and wear than Urban Outfitters.  Regardless of quality, all three of these brands sell well on eBay and Poshmark. I do notice that Anthropologie brands seem to sell much better for me than Urban Outfitters probably because they are more expensive to begin with.

Reselling Anthropologie on Ebay and Poshmark

Reselling clothing is a profitable way to make money, but you have to make sure you are setting your auctions up right. Check my article on supplies needed to get started reselling here!  Also, make sure your pictures are clear and well-displayed. The new fad right now is flat lays- a unique way to photograph your items. You can check the article out here!

Buying Anthropologie on eBay

I love Anthropologie clothing! I can’t get enough. Buying it on ebay is a lot cheaper too if you’re looking for items for yourself. Check out some of the awesome listings here

Reselling Anthropologie Brands labelsIt is a well-known fact that Anthropologie  brands sell well on eBay and Poshmark, but how do you know what brands come from there?

The trick to knowing if an item comes from one of these stores is checking the RN number on the label. All of these brands will have the RN #66170, so if you’re unsure of a brand, this little tidbit will help you. There are a few brands that Anthropologie sells that are not exclusive to them, therefore they will not have this RN number. Check the tag below for an example:

Reselling Anthropologie brands

The following link below is a great resource as it has compiled a list of all the label tags for Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, and Free People. I highly suggest checking it out and studying the labels so you know what to look for the next time you are out thrifting.

Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, Free People Label Resource

A piece of advice- I used to pick up every Anthropologie piece I could find, but I was noticing that some didn’t sell so well, and other pieces were taking a long time to move. I no longer pick up Anthropologie pieces that are plain and simple, unless the case really calls for it. The more unique the item is, the better it sells.



Selling on eBay – How to write the best title for your eBay auction

how to write a listing title on eBaySelling on eBay- How to write the best title for your eBay auction

When selling on eBay, listing titles are probably the most important part of your listing. I’ve noticed that a lot of new eBayers fail to use the whole title space to their advantage when listing items. This is one of the most crucial parts in buyers finding your items. eBay allots you 80 characters for your title space so don’t just write “jeans”. The more keywords you use in your auction title, the more chances for your item to be found. Just be sure they are relevant to your item and not misleading your potential buyers.

Check the two auctions below, same corduroy pants from J.Crew, but the one with the better title sold for much more.

how to write a listing title on eBay


how to write a listing title on eBay

Selling on eBay- 3 must have components for eBay listing titles

When selling on eBay, at the very least, you should have the following components in your title when listing your item:

Brand, Style, Size. These three things are what buyers search for the most so lacking any of these components will put your auction at risk of being found. Referring back to the J.Crew auction examples, notice the one that sold for more had more keywords in the title.

eBays help section  also gives some good pointers on how to create the perfect title for your auction. They suggest the following:

  • Use descriptive keywords to clearly and accurately convey what you are selling. You can use up to 80 characters. You don’t have to use all 80 characters.
  • Include the item’s brand name, artist, or designer.
  • Include item-specifics. For example, include size, colour and condition.
  • State exactly what your item is, even if your title repeats the category name.
  • Don’t use multiple synonyms or plurals. It’s not needed for search and may make your title less attractive to buyers.
  • Omit punctuation marks and asterisks.
  • Don’t include ‘wow’ or ‘look’. Buyers don’t search for words like these.
  • Use correct spelling.
  • Don’t worry about creating a grammatically correct sentence.
  • Don’t overuse acronyms.
  • Don’t use all caps.

Happy listing!

What sells on eBay – Moto Jackets

Another item to add to your “What sells on eBay” list

If you’re looking for another item to add to your “what sells on eBay” list, check the jacket section at your local thrift store for moto (aka Motorcycle) jackets, specifically vintage ones. Short, cropped, and with asymmetrical zippers, some with studs, others with belts, pick them up! Moto Jackets are selling!  Most people can’t afford the ones that designers are selling right now, so they are opting for cheaper methods of obtaining them. Here are a couple of the styles to look for incase you are unsure of what I am talking about:

and this:

Check out the completeds on eBay too:

Moto Jackets- 

I actually just found one this past week to resell, so I’m hoping it goes well! I’ll update once it sells. This is the one I found. It’s a vintage Wilson’s Leather one:

Updated! Sold for $70!

Just make sure when purchasing jackets, especially leather ones, you check the lining for tears, and under the arms on the outside for wear. Those are the two areas that usually will have damage, if any.

Happy Hunting!

Top 5 Jeans for reselling online


Selling designer jeans on eBay can be very profitable and a quick turnover. Reselling designer jeans requires knowing about the brands and what to look for. Jeans usually sell very well for me, but not every brand does as well as others. Sure, there are what we call “bread and butter” jeans which are those that sell for an average price, but the following 5 brands are what sells for a big profit.

Below I have listed 5 brands that always do very well for me:

  1. 7 For All Mankind. I always pick these jeans up unless they are an older style. In that case, sometimes they never sell. Know the difference in the tags to save yourself from buying an older, un desired pair:This is an older tag. I usually never have any luck with these unless they are super special and in mint condition. Otherwise, they will sit in my inventory for months.

Above is a newer tag, usually white. These are the ones you want to keep an eye out for. They sell quickly for me.

2. Adriano Goldschmied- AG Jeans, I usually find that sizes 24 and 25 don’t sell for me, but the bigger sizes tend to do amazing! One of my favorite pairs to wear! They have good sales too, check them out here

3. Joe’s Jeans. These are a cult favorite, always a good seller for me.

4. J Brand

I seriously think J Brand jeans are the most awesome jeans, like ever. I can see why people splurge on buying a pair- they fit like a glove. The colored ones sell well too.

5. Hudson Jeans

I love finding Hudson jeans because I know they resell well, especially the ones with the triangle flap pocket. One piece of advice when finding these are to check the hems because they usually run REALLY long, so many people get them hemmed. Don’t forget to disclose the tailoring if indeed your pair has been hemmed.

Thrifting Jeans for yourself

Buying Designer Jeans

If you haven’t started reselling yet, and are just looking to buy jeans for yourself, definitely check the thrift stores or consignment stores. As you can see, tons of jeans are waiting to be found, and I find them often! Why pay $200 for a pair of jeans when you can $5? Just be sure to double check their condition and pay attention to the hems for wear or tailoring, the crotch area for holes and wear, and ALWAYS try the zipper to make sure it works!

Finding Vintage Polo Ralph Lauren at the Thrift Stores

Vintage Polo Ralph Lauren Guide
Vintage Polo, by Ralph Lauren, is highly coveted right now and is reselling on eBay for top dollar. Most people who don’t know it’s worth would pass by it in the store. Not all Polo sells for high profit, so it’s always good to do some research. I find that the best items are the blue label that says “Polo, by Ralph Lauren.”  Items will usually sell well if it has big Logos, Indian print, flags, or bears.

  1. Polo Bear Sweaters- These are always a good seller. They have the signature bear on the front. Random fact- Polo actually made teddy bears too, so always check the stuffed animals out!Vintage Polo Ralph Lauren Bear Sweater
  2. Polo Windbreakers- especially snow beach ones. These go for a high amount! Vintage Polo Ralph Lauren Color Block Jacket
  3. Polo Southwestern/Indian Print Items- These also come in skirts, jackets, etc. Whenever you’re looking through the racks and see one of these prints, always check to see if it is Polo!
  4. Polo Stadium pieces- Highly sought after, rarely found. Grab them when you see them!
  5. Polo ‘Suicide Skier’ items. These items will have the ski emblem on them like the one below. I recently found a coat with one ski patch on it and it sold for about $230. Pick these items up!
  6. Polo ‘P Wing’ items. These are items with the emblem below. Make sure you put ‘P wing’ in your listing title if they have one!

Check out some of the history and labels of Ralph Lauren Here.

One of the biggest pieces of advice I can give you in reselling is as follows:

Don’t just shop for items you like! As you can see, Vintage Polo clothing is in high demand!

Remember, you’re buying items to resell for a vast number of people, all of who have very different tastes!

My sucide skier jacket that sold:

That Vintage Polo by Ralph Lauren hoodie sold for HOW much?

Look out for Vintage Polo!

As an extension to my other post about selling Vintage Polo Ralph Lauren, which can be found here, I wanted to show you another sale I had recently. I’ve always known to look for vintage Polo clothing and hats, but rarely have had any luck. When I found this piece, I figured it would bring in some good money, but didn’t realize just HOW much until I researched it. Keep an eye out for vintage polo guys! It sells!

When I try to look for Vintage polo items, I usually look through the mens sweaters and hoodies in the reds and blues. Same with the tees. I usually find items this way, especially if I only have a little time.