Funny Thrifting Quotes and Memes real life problems

Relatable Thrifting Quotes and Memes

Because we can all relate to these thrifting quotes and memes… Those that thrift know what we go through when sourcing.

  1. Chicken fighting down the aisles- Those narrow thrift store aisles are killer. You’re half way down one and another shopper is coming your way. Who is going to win this round?

Thrift shopping quotes

2. ¬†That time you find an item that you know will be an instant high selling item…. and it has a hole. Even worse, you don’t realize it until you get home.

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3. When you really need a cart and there aren’t any left. Yet half the people that have one, only have like 1 item in theirs.

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4. Because we know our trunks are messy, but we just don’t care.

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5. We all know thrifting IS a sport.

Funny Thrifting Quote

6. I wear your Grandad’s clothes. Literally.

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7.  Even reselling for 16 years, there is still knowledge to be obtained!

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