Weekly eBay Finds

Thrifting Haul on Friday 3/26/17

This past Friday, I drove about an hour away to do some thrifting for eBay. The first one I went to was a Salvation Army and their prices were SO high- jeans were $12.99, shirts were $7.99, jackets were $29.99! I have never seen a salvation army priced so high. I grabbed two pairs of jeans and quickly googled the next stop.

Goodwill was next on my list. I found a couple really nice J. Crew items, a North Face Jacket, and a couple more jeans.

The last stop was another Salvation Army. This one had low prices, but not a whole lot of items. I think I grabbed another pair of jeans and then a few tops.

I’m excited to put up the Rock Revival Jeans. I don’t usually get those because I can never usually find them!  I checked completeds and they seem to be going in the low $70s for these styles. Check out my jeans guide here for other brands that sell really well. J. Crew and The North Face always sell well for me, so those will probably go quick too. I will update when they are sold!